Motion Graphics for Tech and Branding



Eyeview + NCS product release

Working with Eyeview, I was given an outdated version of the animation and created a contemporary iteration to meet the clients needs. In collaboration with the Product Marketing Manager Jason Beltran, we dictated a more minimal look and feel as to create a more clear and concise visual message.

Programs Used: After Effects, Photoshop

JET marketing explainer

Myself and producer Marvic Paulo worked closely with a member of the Jet design team to create a marketing UI to explain the function of the new website. I was given storyboards and a voice over and animated the project with After Effects. Marvic did the final timing and edit.

Programs Used: Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator


For the Beanstalk branding agency, I created an updated branding reel.  The piece they gave me was outdated so together we found new concepts and ways to present the products. The agency provided me with many stills and clips and I took this reel from a script to storyboards to completion. Most of the design work was done by myself with some additional support from the agencies Designer Agata Shear. 

Programs Used: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Hal and Partners marketing Promo

I was given storyboards by the companies designer and used after effects to add motion graphics.

Programs Used: After Effects, Premiere

Corporate Motion Graphics Reel: