DAQRI is the worlds leading Augmented Reality software and hardware company, also specializing in holograms and creative play.  Their flagship product, the DAQRI Smart Helmet, adds AR to industrial environments to improve safety and efficiency. 

In 2016, I contributed to the marketing and product teams as a multi-media specialist. During my time in-house at Daqri, I executed product photography, animation for digital marketing, prototyping, and experiential, as well as graphic design. My role inherently contributed and defined the overall visual creative direction of the brand.


+  Augmented Reality Case Study

DAQRI teamed up with the Philly Shipyard and ABS to create an augmented reality case study for the DAQRI Smart Helmet.  After our initial partnership, I ideated the application of AR on site, directed shooting and photos, and executed the animations. The footage and animations are currently used in digital signage, keynotes, social campaigns,  and throughout the companies' marketing collateral. Check out some of the stills below that are from the shoot as well. 

Executive Producer: Patrick Alo, CMO DAQRI

Creative Director, Stills Photographer, Animator: Annalise Murphy

Director of Photography: Patrick Ryan Morris

Graphic Design: Terry Hung

Additional Color and Editing: Nick Sherman

Social Publishing: Zan Crawford


+  Augmented Reality Case Study - Photographs



This is a slice of the digital work that I created during my time at DAQRI as a Multi-Media Specialist.

Executive Producer: Nick Sherman -Daqri

Creative Director: Annalise Murphy

Additional 3D Animation: Graham Wilson Silicon DayDream Productions

Experiential Design created by exterior vendor.