History Channel: History Lists

In 2018, I Directed a History Channel Digital series in Partnership with Twitter. The 3 episode series was about females throughout history and supported a site-wide initiative for female driven content.

For this piece, I created a seamless digital and physical world that involved compositing archival, facts, and graphics onto physical sets. In addition to composited graphics, each episode included physical props to represent the female heroes throughout history and a female host walking us through each story.

Working with History Channel producer Eryanna Hundsausen, I took the script and directed the series from concept to completion. In addition to pre-production ideations and onset directing, I directed the build of physical props with Art Director, Time Sullivan, and shooting of our sets with DP, Justin Brooks. I worked with editors to create initial string-outs of each episode and eventually took the pieces to completion by animating transitions, text and and compositing green screen video host footage.

In addition to these 3-4minute episodes, I created a branded look for History Channel to market their female led stories across multiple digital platforms titled March! On!


DIRECTOR: Annalise Murphy

PRODUCER // WRITER: Eryanna Hundsausen


POST SUPERVISOR: Brandon Cuicchi

SUPERVISING PRODUCER: Ted Butler, Andrew Cannizzaro

PROP MASTER: Tim Sullivan

LINE PRODUCER: Michelle Baetiong, Molly Podell, Deangelo Moore

PA: Myra Rivera, Rohan Makhijani

HOST: Danielle Bainbridge, Antonia Cerejido

STUDIO: 45th & Dean, A&E, History Channel


For our video shoot, I directed the build of physical sets as “canvasses” to display digital information. These “canvasses” consisted of blank TV’s, Books, Photo Albums, Photo Frames, Shelf, Desk, and basically any surface we could composite graphics onto.

Annalise+Murphy+Production+Design (1).jpeg

We altered the objects to fit the overall aesthetic and built flats to mount our “Canvasses” onto. After shooting our Set’s, Props, and Hosts, I created a seamless digital video environment by incorporating experimental animation as transitional elements. In post, I animated archival photos, written dates, names, and facts to the video footage.


composited shots


Logo Design for History Channel Initiative: